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  • Access to a free cash flow advisory tool
  • Save time servicing clients better
  • Simple and trustworthy debtor finance for your clients
  • Get rewarded by Skippr

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Advise clients using live insights from a free cash flow tool

Share simple action plans to better control cash flow

Refer clients for finance seamlessly online

Track and manage client performance online

Participate in the Skippr rewards program

How it works

Collaborate with clients using smart insights and actionable solutions including finance, payments and collections.

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Open a free account online in minutes.

Connect Customers

Securely connect your customers via their accounting software. Add as many customers as you wish.

Advise on cash flow

Review your customer’s cash flow and advise on the best course of action to improve collections, make payments and access finance.

Refer for finance

If your clients need finance, refer and seek a no-obligation offer in a few clicks.

Get rewarded

If we provide finance to your client, elect to earn a commission for all funded loans or pass the saving onto your customer.

We work with your favourite accounting platforms

Give your customers cash flow confidence

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Advisor FAQ’s

Why Skippr?

Skippr is giving a business cash flow confidence by guiding them from problem to solution on one platform. We help them understand their cash flow management priorities first. Which customers need to be chased? Who needs to be paid? How much finance is needed?

Your customers then benefit from our seamless invoice finance credit line. Quicky approved by our credit algorithms, they can draw funding much like an normal overdraft but get access to larger limits at competitive terms as we are financing against receivables. When customers pay, the line is simply repaid and reconciled automatically back to their accounting system.

Skippr Pricing

A business or an advisor does not pay to use the cash flow management tool. Yes it is free!

A business only pays for finance. An approved borrower pays a drawdown fee when they wish to draw finance and then an interest rate against the outstanding borrowings. There are no other fees applicable. Simple!

Who can use Skippr?

Accountants, bookkeepers and business brokers use our tool to better service their customers using the cash flow insights presented in tool. Any advisor can set up a free account and connect as many customers as they wish to use the cash flow management tool. If the customer is needing finance they can request funding on their behalf or the customer can do themselves.

Any business using major cloud accounting platforms can use the cash flow management tool for free. It is designed to visualise cash flow for B2B businesses. Skippr provides finance to businesses who have a quality invoice receivables ledger.


Business advisors who refer a customer to Skippr for funding receive a commission when the customer draws funding. Get in touch with our partner team for further details.

A partnership with great rewards

Free cash flow tool

You can save time and engage clients easily with the free cash flow management tool

Customer discounts

We offer discounts to accounts that are jointly managed by business advisors and their clients

Scalable commission

We offer business brokers a commission against on-going loan performance

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