How it works

Unlike other business lenders, getting started with Skippr is quick and easy. All you need is a compatible cloud-based accounting software such as Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks. The process from application to funding is simple:

Apply for an offer

Setting up an account takes just five minutes. Simply enter a few details about your business and connect your accounting software.

We process your request

Once we’ve received your request, we’ll conduct a review of your business and its customers to determine if you’re eligible for invoice finance.

Get an offer within 24 hours

We’ll be in touch with an obligation-free loan offer or a request for further information within one business day.

Draw on your funds

Once you’ve been approved and our team has onboarded you, you can expect to access your funding in less than 24 hours.

Why Skippr and invoice finance?

Are you struggling to manage cash flow within your business? Unpaid client invoices adding up? Want to invest in growth but a tight cash position is holding you back?

Invoice finance from Skippr is a great way to unlock cash from your invoices fast – cash that can be reinvested into where it’s needed most to help you to reach your business goals.

Whether it’s money to cover operational expenses, hire more staff or invest in stock for that big new order, Skippr’s approach is stress and hassle-free.

If your business meets the eligibility criteria below, Skippr can offer a line of credit of up to $500,000 and lets you borrow amounts of up to 80 per cent of outstanding invoices.

Simply choose which customer invoices you would like to borrow against to determine your available credit limit and request same-day funds with one click.

How repayments work

Skippr offers a confidential invoice financing service. This means your customers needn’t know that you are using invoice finance. Skippr will simply set up a new collections account in your business’s name for your customers to pay into. As they pay their invoices, any interest and principal is repaid and the excess is transferred straight back to your business’s regular operating bank account.

Because Skippr Invoice Finance integrates seamlessly with your cloud accounting software invoice payments can be reconciled against the corresponding invoices with ease. Interest expense and principal repayments are also fed back to your accounting software, meaning all drawdowns and repayments are automatically reflected in your accounting software, saving your bookkeeper hours of reconciliation work.

Is Skippr right for me?

Invoice financing is used by many businesses across a range of industries because it’s a great way to take control of cash that’s tied up in unpaid invoices. You may be eligible for invoice finance if:

Your business is an Australian company
You have been trading for at least six months
Your business has invoices outstanding accounts receivable with other Australian businesses.
You raise invoices when work is complete
You trade with creditworthy business customers.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.

Have a burning question that you need answered straight away? Get in touch with a friendly member of our team or read through our FAQs.

“Using an invoice finance loan has really helped us to be more strategic with our growth. We are able to bring forward the cash owed on major projects and divert some funding towards retaining and upskilling our staff.”

Kate Chalker

General Manager, Mandylights


How is Skippr Invoice Finance different from other lenders?

At Skippr Invoice Finance we pride ourselves on being fair and flexible

Invoice finance is traditionally a clunky and burdensome financial product for a business. We make it easy with:

  • Simple and transparent pricing: we charge only two fees and instead of accruing fees against the total value of your receivables, we only charge fees against what you draw.
  • Flexible: Pay only for finance when you need it. No minimum monthly fees. No lock-in contract. 
  • Seamless and smart: Draw finance and reconcile seamlessly online. We push back all finance data straight into your accounting package. No uploading of documents and no manual bookkeeping. 
  • Free cash flow management: Manage your collections and forecast cash flow for free with Skippr. Always know why you need finance before you actually need it!
  • Exceptional customer service: Dedicated and friendly Account Manager to assist with all things financial.

Why do businesses use invoice financing?

Invoice financing helps a business accelerate growth.

Rather than chasing up or waiting for debtors to pay, which can be a time consuming and tedious job, businesses can use invoice finance to release cash flow from their debtor ledger immediately. These funds can then be used as you feel fit to run and grow the business.

It is quick and easy to apply for funding through Skippr Invoice Finance. There is no need to wait for your customers to pay – Skippr gives you control over your cash flow with quick and consistent cash injections.

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