Invoice Finance

Select the invoices you need paid ASAP. We pay you in 24 hours. You repay us later.

How are we different

Combined, our cash flow management tool and invoice finance are a powerful duo. With visibility on what’s happening now and what’s around the corner, you can quickly view your cash needs and draw finance if and when you need it.


Direct from your dashboard, select the eligible invoices you need paid asap (yesterday). We pay you within 24 hours. You repay us later.


Unlock money from your invoices as you need, repay it as you go. No sign-up or ongoing audit fees. No personal guarantees or property security.


Simple fee structure. Always know what you are going to pay before you unlock funding.

How it works


Connect and get the full picture

Connect to the Cash Management Tool. Get the full picture of and understand your finance needs in minutes.

Choose the right invoices

Select invoices that will meet your upcoming cash needs. Use the simple modelling tools to visualise the impact of advance finance from each invoice.

Get paid

Once your invoices are approved for funding, we pay you 80% of the invoice amount within 24 hours.

Repay later

Finally, your customer pays the original invoice! They pay the full invoice into a trust account we set up in your name. We repay you residual amount, less interest accrued over the payment period. You get your money within 24 hours.

Access finance now!

Connect and understand your finance needs in minutes