Privacy Policy

At Skippr, we respect the privacy needs of our valued customers and members, and are committed to the protection of your personally identifiable information (Your PI). As part of this commitment, we have developed this Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) in line with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and administered by the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, storage, use and dissemination by Skippr of Your IP that is collected as part of our business operations, including, without limitation, through the operation of this Platform and its related properties, platforms and applications (together, Sites). The Privacy Policy forms part of, and should be read together with, the General Terms and Conditions.

Maintaining the privacy of your information is of paramount importance to us as it helps foster confidence, goodwill and stronger relationships with you, our customers. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please feel free contact us at

If there are changes to law or to our business operations, we may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Collection of Your PI

The types of Your PI we may collect from time to time will vary depending on the nature of your dealings with us. However we will only collect Your PI to the extent reasonably necessary to carry out our business activities, including without limitation to carry out or enhance the functions offered on the areas of Site or Exchange that you choose to enter or use, or to provide, maintain or optimize our Services, and in all cases by lawful and fair means. If we receive Your PI that is unsolicited, and such information was not able to be collected under the APPs, within a reasonable period of time we will destroy or de-identify that information, provided that it is lawful and reasonable to do so.

We may collect information by a variety of means, including, without limitation, via the Site or Exchange, over the Internet, by phone, in person, at events, through competitions, surveys or other Auction activities, and from our clients, partners or other persons under the terms of their own privacy policies. In general, the types of Your PI could include any information from which you are ‘reasonably identifiable’ and could include your name, email address, phone number, gender, age or address.

Some of the information collected or used will not personally identify you but may be anonymous or aggregated with other data. If you cannot be reasonably identified, or re-identified, this is not personally identifiable data. We may obtain this information, without limitation, by use of ‘Cookies’ or other analytics tools. Cookies are commonly used by Platforms on the Internet and are a feature that recognizes and identifies users’ computers. The Cookie does not contain any information that personally identifies you and we do not use Cookies in order to obtain personally identifiable information. Your browser should allow you to refuse Cookies if you desire.

Storage and Security of Your PI

Skippr may hold information, including Your PI, in electronic and/or hard copy format, and will use all reasonable endeavours to maintain the security of Your PI, and protect it from unauthorised use, interference, loss, modification or disclosure. This may include storing it in secure databases that are protected against unauthorised access, and taking other physical, electronic and procedural security steps. Information we hold may from time to time be combined or linked with other information, including information that we receive from third parties. We require our staff and service providers to respect the confidentiality of Your PI, and keep it secure from unauthorised access, misuse, loss and interference.

Your PI may be stored and processed both in Australia and/or any other country in which Skippr or its affiliates, related bodies corporate, contractors or service providers maintain facilities (e.g. on servers hosted overseas), and which may include, without limitation, the United States. In such cases, Skippr takes reasonable steps to ensure that third parties overseas handle all personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We do not guarantee that Your PI will always be secure during transmission or from unauthorised access during storage. Please contact Skippr immediately if you become aware or have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use of Your PI.

Generally, we will only use Your PI for the primary purpose for which it was collected, or a closely related secondary purpose (which you should reasonably expect or which is otherwise permitted or required by the APPs). An example of a secondary use is to operate and improve the Sites and your experience of the Sites, communicate with you or otherwise optimise our products and services.

Skippr will not disclose Your PI without your consent to third parties for advertising. IIT may disclose some information that does not personally identify you to advertisers or other suppliers in the form of aggregated statistics or other anonymised data. This provision of information is to assist Skippr with improvements to the Sites or its business operations generally.

IIT may provide certain information to its related bodies corporate, contractors and/or service providers with a need to know that information, and subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Where you have expressly or implicitly provided your consent, Skippr may use Your PI to send you information about our products or services, or those of commercial sponsors, advertisers, clients, partners or associates in and outside Australia (together, Skippr Partners’). If you subsequently decide that you do not wish to receive information about the products and services of the Skippr Partners, please Contact Us with your request to be removed from our mailing list or use the unsubscribe link at the end of the relevant email.

We collect, hold, use and disclose credit information and credit eligibility information on individuals for purposes permitted by law which are reasonably necessary for our business activities. Those purposes include:

  • if the person is a customer, to determine if we should approve their application to sell invoices on the Site and, if approved to do so, to assist in the sale or auction of invoices to buyers. This includes the assessment of their application, managing the account, recovering money and dealing with any security (including a security interest under the PPS Law) the individual may give;
  • if the person is a debtor, to assess and verify the debt or invoice which the customer is proposing to sell on the site or in which you give us in our own right or as agent for the buyer or the buyer a security interest, to collect the debt and to enforce the debt and any security which may be given to secure payment of the debt or sale of the invoice;
  • if the person is an associate of yours, to determine if we should permit the sale of Invoices or invoices on our platform and to assist in the provision of that arrangement;
  • if the person is an associate of the debtor, to assist us to verify the debt owed by the debtor to the seller and, if applicable, to collect and enforce the debt. For example, we may record the name and office phone number of a person in the debtor’s accounts payable department and telephone that person to verify the debt;
  • to assist in the management of the Services we provide, for data analysis and internal management;
  • to provide information to credit reporting bodies to the extent this is permitted by the Privacy Act 1988;
  • to undertake securitisation activities, raise funding, assign debts and other rights, and provide information to and obtain information from sellers, debtors or buyers and their associates;
  • to deal with complaints and legal proceedings;
  • to meet our legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • to assist other credit providers by giving personal information to them in accordance with an authorisation which the individual has provided to them or us.

Access to Your PI

Skippr will use all reasonable endeavours to keep Your PI accurate. Please contact us if you wish to examine Your PI for accuracy. We will use reasonable endeavours to provide a complete list of Your PI within 14 days of receipt of your enquiry.

You may Contact Us to amend any of Your PI that is inaccurate or request that Your PI be deleted. We will use reasonable endeavours to amend or delete your records as requested within 14 days of receipt of notice. If applicable, any legal requirement on Skippr to maintain certain records of Your PI shall prevail over any of your requests.

IP addresses

When you visit Skippr Platform(s), we collect you Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to track and aggregate non-personal information. For example, we use IP addresses to monitor the regions from which customers and visitors navigate our Platform.


Skippr Platform may contain links to third-party Platforms, including our partners’ Platforms and others, if you access those links, you will leave the Skippr Platform. Skippr does not control these third-party Platforms or their privacy practices, which may differ from those of Skippr. These Platforms are not governed by this Privacy Statement, and we do not take responsibility for the privacy practices of any third-party Platforms to which we link. We encourage you to review the privacy statement of any third-party entity to which we link before submitting Your PI.


Skippr will only collect, use or disclose information that personally identifies you as set out in this Privacy Policy unless in our opinion Skippr is required by law to protect the rights or property of Skippr or any third party, or to avoid injury to any person.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to Platforms, properties, applications or facilities which are not under Skippr control. You should check the privacy policy of any other Platforms you enter. You acknowledge that Skippr is not responsible for the content or practices of the other Platforms, including the manner in which they collect, store, use or disseminate Your PI.

Further Information on Privacy

If you believe that your privacy has been breached by Skippr, you can lodge a complaint by contacting the Skippr Privacy Officer and all attempts will be made to resolve the matter.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, or if you would like any further information about your rights to privacy, you are free to contact the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Telephone: 1300 363 992

Further Information on Privacy

If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy or would like to read, amend or delete any of Your PI, please contact the Skippr Privacy Officer by email addressed to

In this privacy statement :

associate means a person who is or may become an officer or employee of the customer (buyer or seller) or the debtor;

customer means a person (such as a company, sole trader or partnership) to whom Skippr has provided a platform to sell or buy Invoices/invoices via the Exchange and includes a person who has applied for, or may apply for, the right to sell or buy Invoices/invoices on the platform (such as a company, sole trader or partnership) via the Exchange;

debtor means a person who owes, or may owe, an account (also known as debt) which the customer has sold or acquired via the Exchange or may sell or acquire via the Exchange in which the customer has granted, or may grant, a security interest to us or the buyer;