Skippr Team

We are finance experts, engineers and data scientists passionate about small business. We are putting tools in the hands of businesses and advisors that give them peace of mind and control over cash flow.

Skippr mission

Skippr is the game changer that small businesses need. Cash flow challenges leave many businesses struggling to survive, let alone thrive. Our technology changes that. With a holistic approach that takes into account payments, collections and finance, we give businesses and advisors peace of mind and control over cash flow. No more surprises!

Meet the team

Skippr CEO - Pat Crivelli

Patrick Crivelli

CEO & Co-Founder

Alistair Lamond Skippr

Alistair Lamond

Commercial Director & Co-Founder

Ralph Wintle Skippr

Ralph Wintle

Lead Developer

Alex Judge Skippr

Alex Judge

Data Scientist

Advisory Board

Hayden Foster Skippr

Hayden Foster


Andy Taylor Skippr

Andy Taylor


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